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Garry saved me thousands of dollars when he negotiated my home purchase. He went out of his way – way above and beyond what I have experienced with any other real estate agent – to make this process as easy and stress-free as possible.

I am so glad I had Garry on myside throughout the whole process.

Don’t even think about buying or selling your next home without talking to Garry.


San Juan Capistrano

If you are considering selling your home, my expertise and knowledge
of the real estate market will help you get the most money for your home!

We all know that the real estate market has been challenging for the last several years, and now, finally, the picture has become much more encouraging for sellers!

Many homeowners are finally in a position where they feel they can afford to sell their homes. If this is your situation, doesn’t it make sense to give yourself an edge in every way possible? There are several key ingredients that will help you sell your home for the most money in today’s market

7 Things You Must Know Before Putting
Your Home Up For Sale

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To all concerned: Garry McDonald helped us find and buy our current home. It took us some time to figure out what we needed so we looked at quite a few homes. Throughout all this, Garry continued to show us homes and narrow down our choices. In the end we picked a house that ended up being negotiated down over S150,000 from the asking price and have been very happy with our choice.

We never had any issues with Garry showing us anything and everything we asked for, on time.

Throughout the experience we noticed several things. One thing that was amazing is the apparent lack of follow-up by a large number of agents representing homeowners. Whether it be not calling back to allow the showing to not showing up for the showing. We made several offers which went smoothly, but a lot of sellers at the time were in denial of the eroding market and were not willing to accept a fair price for their home. Garry was great at following up on the offers and in talking with the other agents about the value of the homes in the current market. We even ran into one of the agents a few months later who told us that the owner of the home we made an offer on should have accepted the offer as it was fair at that time.

We highly recommend Garry to anyone who is either looking to buy or sell their house.

Bert and Sue

So Why Sell Your Home With Me?

  • Superior Marketing Plan

    It’s no secret that the vast majority of buyers are looking online for their next home and this is why a lot of my focus is targeted towards the online marketing of my listings. As many professional photos as possible and a property website are an essential part of this marketing. However, that is not enough. Your property needs to be marketed as a featured property to the largest consumer real estate websites such as Realtordotcom, Trulia and Zillow to name a few. Your property also needs to be syndicated out to as many real estate websites as possible and this is what I specialize in. See the attached illustration to give you an idea of the number of real estate websites your property will be displayed on. Just because online marketing is incredibly important does not mean that regular marketing is not important. It is and I would love the opportunity to show you all the great ways I will be marketing your property. Remember, the better the marketing – the better the exposure and the better the exposure the better your chance of selling your property for the most money in the shortest time.

  • Free Website

    Research shows that over 80% of buyers use the internet extensively in their search for a new home. Having a professional website that showcases your property’s best features and is optimized for search engines so it draws the most amount of traffic is a very important tool in the current market. I do not charge for the website. This is just a small part of my service to you. Check out an example of a property website here.

  • Free Professional Photos

    Real-estate listings that use photographs taken by the higher-end SLR cameras tend to do better than those that use photos from cheaper point-and-shoot cameras. Listings with nicer photos get more online attention, command a higher price and are more likely to sell. I automatically bring in a professional photographer for all my listings – which I pay for.

  • Free Legal Service

    Questions may arise before, during or after the close of escrow.  Below are samplings of the types of questions Real Estate Attorneys are asked:

  • How should I take title? Is joint tenancy the best way, or are there other options that might fit my life situation better?
  • I am the trustee of a Living Trust; how should title to this property be held?
  • I’m going through a divorce; how could this fact impact this transaction?
  • Would a 1031 Exchange be beneficial to me, tax-wise?
  • I need advice on a credit problem, which may affect the transaction.

Other legal subjects include:

  • Property liens
  • Bankruptcy issues
  • Short Sale Counseling
  • Short Sale Negotiations w/lending institution
  • Foreclosure issues
  • Leasing or rental of the property
  • Deed in Lieu
  • Can you think of a subject?

When you are ready to sell your next home I want you to consider me because I can provide you with “Peace of Mind” through my “Exclusive” Seller Protection Plan in the largest, most complex transaction of your life, you will receive the services from a “Team” of professionals before, during and after the close of escrow.

What the Legal Advisory Service provides you with:

  • Up to 30 minutes of telephone consultation time per legal matter of a non-dispute nature, with a licensed real estate attorney. There is no limit as to the number of matters eligible for consults as long as they pertain to different legal matters. Legal matters must pertain to the property listed on the Protection Plan.
  • Up to 25% rate reduction off the normal and customary fees on any additional services that the member requests from the participating attorney.
  • Seller Feedback Service

    One of the biggest complaints from sellers about the selling process is a lack of communication from their realtor and not knowing what buyers and other agents are saying about the property. That is why I use the service Showingsuite which requests feedback from all agents that show or preview the property. This service then automatically sends you the feedback. If agents do not respond to the request then I contact them directly and provide you the feedback.

  • Free Home Warranty

    I will make your home more attractive to buyers by paying for a free home warranty for one year from the close of escrow. In addition, I will pay for a home warranty for you while your home is listed with me.

  • My Knowledge

    You and your home may never get a second chance to make a good first impression! I can help you prepare your home for sale. I will make sure that your home has every possible sales advantage so it can compete successfully against all the other homes for sale in your area.

    To help you do that, I will work from a checklist of major items necessary to prepare your home for sale. I will give you a copy and carefully go over it with you step by step. This is just one way I know you’ll get the best offer with the most money and the quickest sale.

  • My Experience

    I can help you determine the best price. Surprising as it may seem, some homes are priced lower than they should be. Usually, however, homes are priced too high and don’t sell. Through proper research, I can help you select a price that is just right for your home. I do this by preparing a comparative market analysis which contains three important parts. The first part lists similar homes that have recently sold. The second part shows similar homes for sale now and the third part includes expired listings that are similar homes which did not sell.

  • My Team

    I want to make your selling experience as easy and painless as possible. That is why I have put together a team of professionals so that I can offer you a “one stop shopping experience” for all the services you will need in order to sell your property. Obviously you are under no obligation to use my team but it is there if you want it.

Obviously these are just some of the many benefits I bring to you as your realtor. Marketing the property in the most effective way is very important so you can get the highest price and sell the property in the shortest time.

Hi Garry, We can’t thank you enough for your superb negotiating on our behalf!!!

We feel so fortunate to have met you that day on your open house in Dana Point. Not only are you a very knowledgeable realtor, but you also show that you care about your clients by always making sure they feel comfortable with their decisions. Your thoroughness, patience, and easy-going nature definitely help the sales process along. We have been very appreciative of that!

We obviously are beyond thrilled with our new purchase and can’t wait to enjoy the fun lifestyle that the lake has to offer. We will continue to thank you each day when we look out our windows and appreciate the beautiful, serene view!!

Thanks again, Garry!! Have a great weekend.

Warm regards,

Gary and Cheryl

However, there is more you need to ask of your realtor.

You need a realtor who is a strong negotiator who can converse with other realtors in such a way as to bring you the best price and the best terms possible. You also need someone who is able to guide you through the selling process and through escrow so that all the legal and practical requirements that you are obliged to perform as the seller are carried out in such a way that escrow closes smoothly and you are protected at all times.

Finally, and many people fail to take this in to consideration, you need a realtor that you can personally get along with. You will be interacting a lot with your realtor from the time you sign the listing agreement to the close of escrow and beyond. As long as the realtor has shown that they are proficient in the things I have mentioned above, then you would be wise to take this last point in to consideration when hiring your realtor.

But Suppose You Sign a Listing Contract With Me And You Are Not Happy

You can cancel our listing agreement at any time and for any reason. Most agents tie you down to a 6 months or longer contract. I don’t. I am so confident in my ability to get the job done; I offer a “risk removal guarantee” so if you are not happy with my services for any reason just cancel. This cancellation guarantee is written into the listing agreement.

Surely with all that I am offering, my commission has to be high – right?


For a Limited Time Only I am Offering You


That’s total commission for both the listing and selling brokers so not only will I save you thousands of dollars on commission – you will also get top dollar for your home with my superior marketing strategy.

What Do You Have To Lose?

Don’t forget you also have my cancellation guarantee

We are pleased with the service we received from Garry McDonald. He was a complete professional. He was very active from start to finish and he made our first home buying process easy and stress free. Thanks a lot!

Stellie and Richard Marino

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If you are serious about selling your property, don’t you feel you owe it to yourself to sit down with me and hear the many benefits I will bring to help sell your property for the highest price in the shortest possible time?

There is no obligation on your part or mine but I really look forward to meeting with you to see if we are a good fit and whether we can work together to get your home sold. Simply fill out the form to the right and I will get in touch with you at a time convenient for you..

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